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Brews & Dragons

Did you know drip coffee is just one of the many delicious beverages we make in house every day?

You’ve heard of”low and slow” for cooking, but it applies to coffee too. We cold brew our iced house coffee in small batches daily. We chill it overnight in 38 degree refrigerators for 16 hours, and then hand press each batch to deliver the best cold brew anywhere. Delicious as a cold brew and also available as a rich, creamy Nitro Brew Coffee.

Our Chai lattes have been a staple in the community for years, and its because we don’t get it from a box, we brew it daily with our specially developed mixture of tea, spices and honey. This one is delicious hot or iced, and is extra special when combined with any of our milk alternatives-soy, almond, coconut, or oat.

Ginger Dragon is a Royale Specialty that is popular throughout the year, iced and hot, and comes in many variations. We steep this one with fresh ginger and lemon juice, in house, daily, and we can barely make enough keep up with demand! Ginger Dragon, the Palmer Dragon, (Ginger Dragon mixed with our hand squeezed Lemonade), Ginger Hibiscus Dragon, and Sniffling Dragon are just a few ways that people love to drink and enjoy our dragons. Let us know your favorite combination.