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Our Beans

Espresso Royale’s Signature House blend was perfected over 30 years ago as a smooth and creamy alternative to the bitter and burnt espressos being served in American cafes at the time. Like many things originating from the 80’s, it was awesome! We turned on an entire generation to the possibilities of what a handcrafted specialty coffee beverage could and should be. From the thick crema of our espresso to the ultra smooth balance of our small batch cold pressed coffee, we have been inspiring and delighting our loyal customers for decades.

Our line of Royale Blends offers something for everyone, for every type of taste. In addition to our House Blend, our Napoli and Verone Blends are dark roasted to create a perfectly smooth Italian Espresso while also producing a great cup of coffee.  Kitale is our boldest blend, great for a morning wake up call, while Carnivale gets an additional kick of caffeine from a blend of robusta and arabica beans that will allow you to dance like no one is watching (and it goes to 11!). For those who prefer less caffeine, we offer our Sombrio, a half-calf blend that won’t keep you up past your bedtime, and a full on Decaf version of our Signature House Beans.

For the very adventurous, we have our famous Bourbon Barrel aged coffee that has the most unique caramel taste and a bourbon bouquet, sure to arouse all of your senses.

Looking for a single origin, then look no further than our Solidario line of varietals.

For more information about our beans, roasts, and blends, visit our friends at M36 Coffee Roasters